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101 Ways to
Stand Out at Work

FORTHCOMING December, 2008

Common sense is recognizing good advice and knowing when and how to use it to advantage. No one starts off with experience, which takes time and effort to amass. But deciding which input may be useful, and investing the effort to apply it to your needs, can be the difference between a successful career and nagging frustration.
Why do some careers blossom while others fade into regret for all that might been, degenerating into negativity and resentment? The path to a successful career is an obstacle course strewn with poor choices and dead ends. Successful individuals learn to navigate the hurdles and select wisely from the options they encounter; they learn from their mistakes and from the errors made by everybody else.
Career choices are opportunities that grow from what we do – or fail to do – and how we do it. External circumstances can damage a profession or industry, but your career will flourish or flounder as a direct result of your decisions and actions. Outside circumstances may inconvenience you, but the essence of your career is really up to you.


1: Choose a Career Wisely
2: Control Your Image
3: Communicate Effectively
4: Practice Self-Promotion
5: Improve Your Leadership Skills
6: Balance Power and Control
7: Know Which Tools to Develop
8: Maintain Your Integrity & Discretion
9: Preserve Your Health
10: Understand Your Objectives, Goals and Priorities
11: Learn from Mistakes
12: Fit into the Corporate Culture
13: Adjust to Change
14: Decide Whether to Stay or Leave
15: Manage Your Time and Timing
16: Be Decisive
17: Make the Right Moves
18: Do Your Homework
19: Network to Success
20: Manage Your Interviews