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Written with Catherine Huang:


Sun Tzu's strategies suit women rather well, as female wisdom tends to avoid needless confrontation. Why not conserve your energies for things that matter, seeking a winning outcome where no one really loses? As Sun Tzu teaches, success relies not on some innate power, but on knowing who you are and taking advantage of the strengths you already have.


Just as The Art of War enlists the path of minimum conflict to achieve maximum results, Women and the Art of War shows how strategically applying Sun Tzu's timeless principles can give you the confidence and assistance to help you to forge your own unique identity in your career and private life. Men might also learn a thing or two.


Ambivalent Design

The purpose of Ambivalent Design is to clearly identify and describe the basic scientific theory of evolution, and to expose the obscure claims made by proponents of intelligent design (ID) and creationism.

The Resume Handbook
Fifth Edition

Through the first four editions The Resume Handbook has sold over 270,000 copies. The extensively updated Fifth Edition features a wealth of selected examples ranging from entry-level to managerial, executive and consulting resumes.

Sample cover, personal promo and follow-up letters are also provided, along with helpful tips on networking, recent trends and using the internet.

101 Ways to Stand Out at Work

It is essential to identify and understand a challenge in order to arrive at a meaningful solution. Instead of offering airy pep talks, or telling colorful stories about prominent icons and celebrities whose careers bear little relationship to yours, this book focuses on the essential elements of successful career building, with recommended strategies for customizing and applying them.